Sunday, June 18, 2006

NBA Finals

That's it....I can not watch another finals game. I am so pissed off. The first two games the Mavs made it look too easy, and now it is as if the Heat are the hardest team to beat.

Dirk is not doing shit.

We can't hit 3's.

The Mavs defense is a joke. They can not make rebounds at all, and for some reason they cannot bring themselves to cover Wade.

Josh Howard is a fucking moron. Just for that stupid move on his part that probably cost us the game I think we should trade him. I don't care if he is an asset to the team. This may have been the Mavs last chance for a NBA Championship, and Howard fucked up, and because of his fuck up we are the laughing stock of the Western Conference. He sure picked the worse time to start missing free throws. He was perfect the whole game, and then suddenly it is overtime and he turns into Shaq.

Don't get me wrong, I am still rooting for the Mavs, I just can't watch them lose the Championship. It's heartbreaking

The Heat went 3-0 at home, only one team has done that since the league changed the way the finals were set up, and that was the Pistons in 04'.


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