Thursday, June 22, 2006

Breaking Point

If anyone mentions the name Josh Howard around me I might just snap....It would be a shame if I just lost it and killed someone. Just Kidding, but I will have to break something.

There is no forgiveness for Josh Howard, oh no. To me he is not a Maverick anymore. Cuban should trade him, because as much as I have faith in my Mavs to go the distance again there still is a chance that they won't so I say Howard must go. I still love the Mavs. Dirk is the man, as is Jason Terry and Marquis Daniels. I can not forget Jerry Stackhouse and Adrian Griffin and Harris and Van Horn, and of course the best couch in the league is Avery Johnson and he has only been couching for two seasons.

But, Howard belongs somewhere else, let him screw some other team out of a championship.

And, if I run into any officials from the Finals. If by some small chance I bump into one of the referees from the Championship series I will punch them in the face. Not because I think the game was rigged (But I am not denying the possibility of a rigged series) No, I would punch them in the face, because they are little, whining, bitches who go cry to the commissioner everytime Mark Cuban gives them some criticism. Fuck them, and I guess I would give them another punch in the face for being so fucking incompetent.

Wade gets MVP. I hope he breaks his legs, and the Heat are forced to go a season without him, but more than Wade I really don't like Antoine Walker, and it is not because he plays for the Heat. It is not that I don't like Walker as a person, it is his face and that grin he gives when something good happens I just don't like it. Everytime he gives that god forsaken grin I just want to throw a chair at him or something.


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