Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And The Summer Rolls On

I'm back....

I haven't had a post since I started this blog, which is insane, but I have been sooooo freakin bored. I wish I was back in Denton. I honestly might just rather be in school than just sitting at home. I have not been able to find a full summer job, because no one wants to hire seasonal, or summer seasonal. Most companies don't mind hiring just for the winter, but then again that is when they are the busiest and can use the help. I have a temp job for the ISD that provided my secondary education. A pretty awesome gig too. I mean it is not an ideal job to have at all, and it is nothing glamorous or special, but it is easy. I am going to be paid 7.50 an hour to count books. How freakin sad, but awesome is that. I couldn't think of a better way to make 7.50 an hour. The job only last about two weeks. I get to work with a friend, which will be awesome. I am glad I will not have to work with someone I don't know or don't like, which just might be the same thing. It will be awesome to have someone to talk to for the hours spent in a hot room counting book after book. We need to talk about a proposed script anyways.

It has been really awesome to see old friends, and it is amazing who you could run into on a daily bases.

I have an idea for a book I want to write, and I think it is a great idea. It is an idea for a book that I might want to make into a movie as well. Strangely, the idea hit me while watching The Break-Up with some friends, and the reason it is strange, because the idea has nothing to do with anything I saw in the movie. In fact, the proposed idea could not be related directly or indirectly to anything in the movie. I have to be honest, the movie was alright, but I am not surprised that my mind wondered on to other things. It wasn't the greatest Vince Vaughn or Jennifer Aniston movie. When Entertainment Weekly gave the movie a C+ I thought they might have been a bit harsh, but fairly spot on, and I hardly ever agree with EW's movie reviews. I will tell you that the Da Vinci Code deserved better than a C+, to me it was more like a B+. So it wasn't as suspensful as it could have been, it was well made, and had an unbelievable cast and that is what many critics forget. X-Men was great too, it probably deserves a B+ production wise, but for entertainment it gets an A+, they really saved the best for last. Anyways, this new book idea will have to go along side others. I just don't know if I will be able to put all my ideas on paper, but I hope I am wrong.

Mavs are in the NBA finals. Hell YES!!!! GO MAVS!!!


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